Here are a few examples of digital projections at work.


West Village, NYC

For Spring 2012, All Media Projection (AMP) was approached by American fashion designer Alexander Wang in collaboration with Barney’s New York, to project the Spring Alexander Wang fashion show live throughout various locations within New York City. This was the first video projection of its kind, in which Alexander Wang wanted to “bring high fashion to the masses”. 



Houston Bowery Wall, NYC

Across three markets for three nights, we projected on five walls in NYC and three walls in New Jersey and Philadelphia to raise awareness for Cuervo Silver. Walls were strategically selected by a senior All Media Projection manager familiar with the area and demographic. This campaign was part of a larger media buy that included multiple outdoor advertisements.



Manaus, Brazil

The AMP crew flew down to Brazil to project for two companies. One of them being Expresso Cafe, the largest food gas chains in South America. Over the course of two weeks, leading up to the FIFA World Cup, we projected videos showcasing the brands new additions to the menu at key high traffic locations.